Sunday, August 19, 2012

First Day of School

Thursday, the big kids headed back to school for their first day of the 2012-13 school year.

They were a little sad to leave little brother.  I asked Melia if she was going to miss him and she said "Yeah, we've only had him for six weeks!"

Bek didn't want them to be sad, though, so he had some sweet kisses for them.

Both kids wanted to push Bek in his stroller to their new classrooms.

We stopped at my building to say hi to my maternity sub {my mom :)} and she snapped a pic of the four of us.

Then, we finally made it to Melia's 2nd grade classroom where her teacher, Mrs. Shorter, greeted her at the door.

Once we'd said our goodbyes to sis, the boys and I walked across the street to Camden's Kindergarten classroom, where his sweet teacher paused to smile with him for the camera.

The first day of school is so hard and yet filled with so much excitement.  We are thrilled with the teachers that Cam and Melia are blessed to have this year and are so thankful that we are in a school district that has some wonderful Christian men and women to lead their classrooms.

It was certainly a different first day since I didn't stay at school to work, and while it is a difficult time to be away from work, I am so grateful to have another couple of weeks off with our little man.  Each morning before school last year, during our morning blessing, we prayed for God's blessing on each kid, for Camden and Melia's teachers, for a few other things, and consistently for God to bring Bek home to us.  We are so excited this year that we get to pray for their teachers and for His blessing on each of our THREE kids as well as praise Him for bringing Bek home. :)

P.S. Finally going to post my Ethiopia trip journal this week.  Stay tuned!! :)

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