Sunday, August 26, 2012

Embassy Trip {Day Six}

July 1st was our last day in Ethiopia.  We spent the day hanging out at the guest house, repacking, and, quite frankly, dreading the LONG trip ahead of us.  I look back at that day and laugh at how much of that pre-flight-with-a-fourteen-month-old-who-barely-knows-us panic I could have avoided if I'd just trusted that God would not give me more than I can handle!  More on that trip tomorrow.

For today, pictures of the last day in the land that is our second home:

It's interesting...Ethiopia on this day was a place we were so ready to leave so that we could get back to our home and our other children and our friends and our family.  And, it's great here...we are so blessed.  But, there is this piece of me that misses Ethiopia so there, deep within my heart.  I don't know where it would lead or what it means, exactly, but I know that I miss it.  And, I know that our plan is to return someday {this has always been the plan when the kids are older} to serve the land that gave us our precious baby boy.  And, for today, that has to be alright with mission field is here.  But, I just can't shake Ethiopia...

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