Saturday, August 25, 2012

Embassy Trip {Day Five}

Our fifth day in Ethiopia was on June 30, 2012.  It was a Saturday and our agency's driver had the day off, so we just hung out with our new son at our guest house.  To be honest, we were kind of dreading being stuck in the house all day {knowing we would be there on Sunday, too}, but it ended up being such a blessing.  We had 48 hours in the same building where we were able to completely focus on our little man.  We bonded, began to establish some semblance of a routine, and just enjoyed getting to know him. 

Morning Time

B's favorite game at the guest house...up the stairs, down the stairs, repeat. 

I LOVE this shirt we bought says "the greatest CHASE of all time!" Hehe!

His beloved toothbrush 

Funny faces...this is his TRUE personality! 

He played for hours in this little bathtub 

The lady that runs the guest house and her sister also did a coffee ceremony for us and the two ladies that were staying there {Sarri and Visty}.  In Ethiopia, inviting someone to a coffee ceremony is a show of friendship.  It was so sweet that they did one for us!

Coffee ceremonies consist of coffee and popcorn 
{and puffs if you're a one year old who's never had table food!} 

Sweet Tsige and Kalkadin {Tsige's daughter}...LOVE them! 

The view from our balcony... 

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