Bek's Adoption

July 27, 2010-Decided on Ethiopia
July 30, 2010-Decided on Children's Hope International
July 31, 2010-Sent CHI Adoption Application
August 3, 2010-Received word that application was approved; began document collection
August 10, 2010-Sent Application Agreement and fee
August 13, 2010-Purchased and downloaded Parenting Modules
August 24, 2010-Documents collected, Had all documents notarized
August 27, 2010-Sent Home Study Documents and Fee
September 14, 2010-First Home Study Visit at our home
September 24, 2010-Second Home Study Visit in Kansas City
November 1, 2010-Home Study Completed
November 4, 2010-Sent I-600A to USCIS
November 19, 2010-Received Fingerprinting Appointments
December 1, 2010-Got Fingerprinted
December 9, 2010-Received 1-171H and Fingerprint Approvals
December 10, 2010-Had complete dossier state certified in Kansas City
December 11, 2010-Sent dossier to CHI for authentication
December 23, 2010-Received word that dossier is authenticated and we are a waiting family
March 5, 2011-The Ministry of Women's Affairs Announced that they would be drastically decreasing the number of Dossiers they would be endorsing on a daily basis, slowing the amount of adoptions in Ethiopia by up to 90%
March 21, 2011-Amended our preference to include One child or two children, aged 0-3, either gender
December 23, 2010-November 14, 2011-Pray! Wait! Pray! Wait! Pray! Wait!
November 14, 2011-Received Referral of a Beautiful, Healthy 7 Month Old Baby Boy {Bahire}
November 17, 2011-Officially Accepted Referral
February 27, 2012-Submitted to Ethiopia Federal Court
March 7, 2012-Received our Court Date
April 2, 2012-Travelled to Ethiopia to meet our baby boy and for court
April 5, 2012-Celebrated Bek's First Birthday with him in Ethiopia!
April 8, 2012-Returned home
April 12, 2012-Passed Court???
May 2, 2012-Found out about a complication with our case/Received regional MOWA letter/Case sent for federal MOWA approval
May 11, 2012-OFFICIALLY Passed Court!
May 19, 2012-Home Study Update Appointment
May 21, 2012-Received Translated Decree
May 24, 2012-Notified that our case documents are complete and we will be submitted next Thursday
May 31, 2012-Embassy Submission; not submitted...missing a police letter
June 8, 2012-Embassy Submission!
June 21, 2012-Cleared Embassy!
June 24, 2012-Leave for Ethiopia
June 27, 2012-Gotcha Day!!
July 2, 2012-Home!!  Hooray!!

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