Our Story

We are Trevor and Jennifer Chase from Southwest Missouri.  We grew up here and met in church when we were in Kindergarten.  We started dating when we were 15 and were married our sophomore year of college.  That was thirteen years ago and at that time we had no idea all the amazing things that God had in store for our lives!
We are blessed to have two amazing biological children: our sweet baby girl Melia, who joined our family in 2005 and our wild man Camden (aka Mr. Personality), who was born in 2007.  We thought our "team" was complete, but in November of 2009, God opened our eyes to International Adoption.  Through much prayer and listening to Him and the people that He strategically placed in our lives, it became clear that we were to adopt from Ethiopia, Africa.  We began our journey to Ethiopia on July 31st, 2010, when we placed our adoption application in the mail to be sent to Children's Hope International and brought our sweet boy, Bekele, home on July 2nd, 2012.
We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and to be in the next phase of our life together as a family.  We look forward to working together to fulfill all that God has for our lives, whatever challenges come our way.
We pray that sharing our journey will bless your lives and bring you closer to the God that blesses ours.

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