Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our One Year Referraliversary!!

It's hard to believe, but it was exactly one year ago today {November 14th, 2011} that we got the call we had been waiting for and saw our son's sweet face for the first time.

My, how our little man has changed in the last year!

We have been through so much as a family this last year, from crying out to God for answers as to why it was so hard to get our son home, to exhilaration over getting good news about our case, to holding our son for the first time, to uniting our family forever.  

Some of the most wonderful, exciting days of our lives have taken place since that phone call last November {seeing Bek's face for the first time, the call to inform us of our court date, meeting/holding Bek for the first time, driving away from the House of Hope with Bek in our arms for good, walking off the plane and introducing our three kids} and we've gone through some of the most difficult tests of faith in this last year {the day we realized that our court date wouldn't be assigned until five months after our referral, not passing court, leaving our baby in Ethiopia while we came home}.  

And yet, through it all, God was so so faithful.  We are forever changed and we are so grateful!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Dragon Turns 19 Months Old

Once upon a time there was a dragon...

He was a very loved little dragon...

Two of the people in his life who loved him the most were his sister, the Princess...

and his brother, the Ninja.

They were very protective of him and were so happy because they had prayed for him to come home from a land far away.

Finally, he had been home for four months and was 19 months old and they were so proud of all the things he had accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Things like...
Saying tons of words, including many phrases like: Brush your teeth, Love You, Night Night Bubba, Bye-Bye Sissy, There you go and Thank you
Singing (his favorite: Your Backyard friends, the backyardigans)
RUNNING (no more taking his time to go anywhere)
Cutting teeth (eight total, four in the front and four molars)
Drinking from any sippy cup (no more bottle)
Using the big boy potty (sometimes)
Following multi-step instructions
Showing signs of secure attachment (initiating hugs and kisses, looking to mommy and daddy for comfort, making sure he always knows where mommy and daddy are)
Recognizing extended family members and calling them by name

It's hard to believe little dragon has been home for four months and even more difficult to believe that he's on the fast-track to turning two, but, boy, do we feel blessed.

We thank God for Little Dragon every day!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday


Today is Orphan Sunday, a day that is so important to our family.  I've told this story before, but I believe it is worth telling again...

It was Orphan Sunday 2009.  Camden was ill, so he and I stayed home while Trevor and Melia went to church.  When they returned home, we were getting lunch ready and he mentioned to me the number of adopted children in our church.  A seed had been planted in my sweet husband's heart that day, a seed that God began to plant through several mounting events in the previous years.

Today I am thankful for so many things:

1. That families in our church had been obedient to call for orphans through adoption to show us what that looked like for a family
2. That God led us to a church full of orphan-caring and God-fearing Christians
3. That our second child had been so difficult his first year, snuffing out our desire to birth another child so that we could be sensitive to His desire for our family to adopt
4. That Trevor was open to God's call to adoption
5. That God placed just the right people in our lives at just the right time to steer us toward Ethiopia
6. That God's hand was so apparent in our entire process, just as it is so apparent in our family as we live life together today

My prayer for you this Orphan Sunday, friends, is that you will be open to God's call to care for orphans, whether that is adopting children into your family, blessing an adopting family financially, fostering children in your community who need the love of a family (and who need to know the love of Christ), participating in an orphan-hosting program over Christmas or Summer, participating in a mission trip at an orphanage or financially supporting someone who is going, supporting or starting an orphan care ministry in your church, sponsoring an orphan through a program such as Compassion International...the ways you can fulfill God's command in James 1:27 are truly endless.

What is God calling YOU to do for His children today?