Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Embassy Trip {Day Two}

{Written on June 27, 2012}

I'm writing this at the end of a long, very fulfilling day. As I write, my sweet baby boy is snoring (yes, snoring!) in the crib on the other side of the room.

We woke up this morning bright and early, and, I have to say, I was not feeling well. We both slept great through the night, but I'm not sure if it was sheer exhaustion from the previous 48 hours worth of activity or altitude sickness or both, but I was very jittery and felt like I had very low blood sugar. We got up and got ready and went down the flight of stairs to the kitchen where Tsige, our amazing host here at Providence, had made us breakfast comprised of scrambled eggs, toast, banana oatmeal, and a banana/pineapple/mango smoothie of some sort...yummy! I ate, but still didn't feel great, so I took some ibuprofen and that seemed to kick it.

We hopped in the van at about 9:00 to head to the House of Hope to get Bek. The plan was to stay for a few hours, take pictures and video of some of the other kids who have families waiting for them and love on the others and then head back to Providence for the afternoon/evening. We arrived at HOH at around 9:10 and spotted Bek right away. Hermella had told us that Bek was walking a lot now and, therefore, had been moved to the big kid room (with Moses and Ephrem:)), and that's where we spotted him, held by a nanny, in the big kid play room. He was a happy boy...until he saw us. When Hermella took him from his nanny and he saw us, he immediately burst into tears! We took him up to the rainbow room, where we spent the majority of our trip last time, and he cried and cried and cried...even longer than last time!

He finally fell asleep in my arms and I passed him off to Trevor so I could go get some pictures and video of the other kiddos. They were so sweet and I couldn't believe how many new babies were there! It made me so excited for the families that are waiting on referrals just realizing that those would be coming soon!!

When B woke up, he cried some more and then we fed him while he cried some more. Then, he calmed down and started playing and actually even smiled a few times! It was time to go, so I put him in the Becco {which he loved!} and we left. We first went by the pharmacy to get his formula and then back to the guest house. He was tired and it was nap time, so Trevor laid him down and he laid there for a while without a fuss, then turned over and took a three hour nap.

When he woke up at 4:00, we fed him a bottle and then we just hung out on the bed and played with his toys. He was difficult to get to smile, but was content, at least. After a couple of hours, we went down stairs for dinner and fed him rice cereal and ate a delicious Ethiopian dish of meatballs, potatoes, and tomatoes with rice. That Tsige can cook!!

I first fed Bek before I ate and then Trevor and I switched. He wasn't all that excited about the switch and it's looking like he is preferring me right now. After dinner, we played in the living room of the guest house and B was genuinely happy and smiling while we played. He tried to snap, waved at the guest house guard, and blew kisses.

We then took him upstairs and gave him a bath, which he really loved! We put on his lotion (he was happy about this, too!), put on his footy pjs and brushed his teeth. Then, Trevor bent down to tell him good night and he leaned in and gave his daddy three kisses...right on the lips. Precious! He then kissed me goodnight and we put him to bed. I seriously hopes he continues to be this easy when it comes to putting him to crying, whimpering, etc. He just snuggles up with his blankie and his monkey {thank you Nana!} and rolls over and goes to sleep.

What an amazing blessing...we are both just in awe and so so thankful to be able to be Bek's parents!!

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