Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Baby Steps in Our Adoption

Tomorrow evening we will head to Fort Smith, Arkansas to stay the night with my cousin, Trisha, so that we can wake up bright and early on Wednesday and kick December off right, Immigration office-style!  Please pray that we have safety in travel AND that I don't forget anything.  I think I have it all on post-it notes and alarms on my phone, but stranger things have happened!

Also, check out this beauty...

So, she needs a facelift (or maybe just a face :)), but I am still so excited that in 10 weeks she is going to be ours!  And, do you know why I'm so excited?  Because if we can sell our Honda Passport, we will easily be able to pay cash for our carefully rebuilt Dodge Grand Caravan!  And, that means thing #1 will be crossed off our list and all savings can be poured into the adoption fund! 

Adoption Fund
Student Loans

I'm hoping this will grow our adoption fund much faster than our fundraising efforts thus far. :)

I'll post pictures of her in 10 weeks, when she is all done with her small, cosmetic upgrade. ;)  In the meantime, anyone interested in buying a 2001 Honda Passport?!

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  1. TOMORROW is YOUR big day!!! Hope the fingerprinting goes well! It's so exciting to cross off another step in our journey!