Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Friend

I'm not really sure I can call Courtney Thornton my friend.  I mean, I've never really spoken to her on the phone or even actually met her.  Yet, somehow, anyone who will send me a gift for Melia even though they have never even met me is pretty high on my list!  So, I thought I should introduce you to my new friend.

Courtney and her hubby, Brandon, are in the beginning stages of adopting from Ethiopia (just like us) and they are planning to adopt a sibling group (just like us).  Only, they are going to adopt a sibling group of 3 (one more than us, but I still consider them equally as crazy as us!;)).  Anyway, Courtney is like this SUPER amazing talented lady that has a SUPER cute ETSY store to raise money for their adoption and when I asked her about her AMAZING cloche's that she makes, she sent me one for Melia for FREE! 
Isn't it the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?!  (Think Melia will mind if I "borrow" it?!)

Anyway, I thought since she custom-made this hat for Miss M and sent it to me for free, the least I could do is show her some love on my blog and do a little advertising for her ETSY store (that you can find here).

In addition to these cutie hats, she has baby booties, coffee cozies, totes, and Africa ornaments similar to this one that she sent me:
Again for free, without me even asking...I told you she's awesome!

So, please take a moment to check out her store and help Courtney and Brandon bring their three kiddos home from Ethiopia!  You can also follow their journey on their blog:

Thanks again, Courtney!  Oh, how I love these amazing people that God just keeps sending my way!


  1. adorable hat! i love the tree on the ornament, too! i think it is so neat how God is sending you friends from all over that are on the "same" journey as you! ~Lettie

  2. SOOO cute! I desperately need a little girl so I can purchase and enjoy some of this cuteness!!!
    Love you friend!