Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Buddy's Birthday Party

Tomorrow's the big day...Camden turns four!!  Last weekend, Cam celebrated his birthday with his buddy Cade at the park.  It was a great day and was fun for all the kiddos that got to come!

The birthday boys...Camden and Cade

The big sisters :) 

Cousin Gavin climbing on the structure 

The boys' best friend, Kenna 

Princess Clara 

Camden swinging {Notice Uncle Brandon in the background...he and Aunt Amy came for the weekend!} :) 

Mischevious Mason (another cousin) 

Eden wanted Camden to blow the "flower".  Papa encouraged this {bet it would have been a different story if it had been his yard...ha!} 

One of Camden and Cade's teachers, Miss Natalie, came to the sweet! :)

The Batman (Cade)/Ironman (Camden) cake 

The boys during the birthday song 

Here is why I love this was too windy to light their candles, so they just "pretended" to blow them out!

Buddy Kyler 

Melia and Karissa found a "friend" on the playground 

Messy face! 

The Pinata 

We had so much fun we {almost} forgot to open the gifts! 

It was a super fun {and exhausting} party.  When it was over, we went to Camden's soccer game and then home for a nap.  Well, I took a nap while the kids played...seriously!

*Precious moment alert: Cam has been saying every day how he's "growin' up" and he requests that I respond with a growl and "STOP GROWIN' UP!"  This has been our game for the last couple of weeks.  So, on Saturday when I laid down for a nap, he crawled up and snuggled right next to me and said, "Oh!  We gotta pray!
Dear Jesus, thanks for my fun party and that I'm gettin' bigger.
And, please be with my mom and help her not to be sad that I'm growin' up!


  1. What? No preggo pics of aunt Amy?

  2. Awww...I love it! Every time I say something about Grayson being my "little boy" lately, he always says "No, I'm your growin' boy!" Ahhh! :)