Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Appreciating Melia's Teacher

Last week was teacher appreciation.  Melia and I planned to do two things for her AMAZING teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, shown here with Miss Melia:

However, Miss M thwarted our plans when she got Mrs. Schmidt a gift without my permission on Monday.  Here's how it went down...

I dropped her off at her Nana and Papa's house just like I do every morning.  Knowing that it was Teacher Appreciation Week and she had nothing for her teacher and that her teacher LOVES chocolate, she asked her Nana if she had any chocolate that she could give Mrs. Schmidt. 

Now, anyone that knows my mother knows that she also is a lover of all things chocolate, so for every holiday, her students give her pounds and pounds of chocolate...some of which she eats/shares and some of which she puts in her freezer for emergencies.  This was an emergency.  So, she opened her freezer and let Melia pick out a piece of chocolate.  What does our little reader pick?  A huge Hershey Kiss with the words #1 Teacher across the package.

When I heard that she'd brought her a present on Monday, I just decided it would be best to get her something every day.  So, the list of Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2011 was born:

Giant Hershey Kiss

Gerbera Daisy
With the words "Thank you for helping me bloom.  Love, Melia"

$10 iTunes Gift Card
In a card that Melia wrote "Thank you for filling my Kindergarten days with music."


A Tray of Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Packaged in Cupcake Liners on a Sandwich Tray

With a card that read "Thank you BERRY much for everything."

It was so much fun, I think I may have a new favorite week!! :)


  1. I hope I have your kids in my class :)

  2. Seriously...you're the best mom, ever!!! Your creativity never fails to amaze me! Love you, friend.

  3. LOVE this. So super sweet and thoughtful. You're the cutest! Want to move to Oklahoma so I can have your kiddos too?

  4. We did the same thing here giving the teachers a gift everyday! It is nice for the kids to remember that everyone needs appreciation once and awhile and the teachers got excited everyday to get a new gift. Plus on Monday they came home with thank you notes from the teachers that brought tears to my eyes.

  5. I have done similiar things during Teacher Appreciation Week for our kids' teachers, and I have to agree....it is soooo much fun! We love all of our teachers, and both of our kids had Mrs. Schmidt so we know just how great she is!