Friday, October 29, 2010

The World's Most AWESOME Discount Card!!!

Oh my goodness! We have just started THE MOST AWESOME FUNDRAISER EVER!!!!! I am SO stoked pumped jazzed (I can't think of a word that does not make me sound like a total dork!) umm, EXCITED (there it is) about this!

Ok, so, you've seen those discount cards before, right? Usually, they have like three neat little rows of five little squares to fit fifteen little businesses on their precious little personalized cards. I am NOT making fun of these cards, BTW...I LOVE them. BUT, I love this even more.

Introducing: **insert drumroll here** The VIP discount card

This discount card is like the big brother to the cutie little discount cards that have been tucked in our wallet and envelope system (thank you very much, Dave Ramsey!).

Here's how it works:
  1. Click on this link and select your location to see the discounts in your area (this card works in approximately 30 states!).
  2. Decide that you LOVE it as much as we do and E-mail us at or leave a comment below to let us know that you want to order one.
  3. In your E-mail or comment, let us know if you want us to drop your card in the mail or meet up with you and if you'll be paying by cash, check, or Paypal on our blog.
That's it! We have an order in and should receive those cards in the next week or so; please allow approximately 10 days for delivery. :) Also, the cards are good for an entire year!

How much?
Here is the great part!! These cards will cost you $20 and $10 goes directly into our adoption fund!

What's our goal?
If we sell 360 of these bad boys, we will have our next big financial hurdle taken care of...the dossier fee. I truly believe that with your help (and LOTS of prayer), this is definitely a possibility!! :)

Oh, yeah, and for you "ap" people, download the free ap and you can see and map all the businesses that way! Yea, technology!!

That's it...nothing more, nothing less!! Please let us know where to meet you with yours and please let all your friends and family know!! :)

Trev and Jen

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