Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Memories of My Grandmother

My Grandmother, Wilma Hickey, passed away peacefully on Saturday, September 25th.  She lived her last several years in a nursing home, but I wrote the following about how I will always remember my Grandma:

When I think about my grandmother, many things come to mind. Hers was a life lived for others, which has become more and more obvious to me in adulthood. It is obvious in the stories I've heard about my own mother's childhood. It is obvious in the reminiscence of the jobs she took on in addition to mothering six children and her passion for those jobs. It is obvious in the way that all six of her children love each other, their own families, and all those around them. It is obvious in the desire of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to serve those around them and make life better for those with whom they come into contact.

Many of the fond memories I have of my grandmother include freshly baked bread, sweet kisses on the cheek or forehead to commemorate our arrival at her home, the beautiful flowers that decorated both the inside and outside of her home, homemade Christmas presents, her children's books (including my favorite, "The Pain and The Great One"), her tiny TV in her kitchen where my cousins and I would hover (using the turner to try and find any working station), her closet full of old toys and quilts, and the cozy way it always felt to be in her home.

Probably my most prominent memory of grandmother's house, though, was the love for Jesus and old gospel hymns. It seemed that every time we would visit, someone would end up playing and singing hymns in praise to our Heavenly Father. My grandmother left a legacy that has been passed down through generations and I know without a doubt that she is being blessed in her Heavenly mansion by her Heavenly Father for the way that she lived her humble life on Earth.



  1. Love you friend! Praying for your family!

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It sounds like Heaven gained a wonderful soul. She'll have one of those sweet kisses for you again one day!