Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fruitful Summer: The JOY and PEACE weeks

Week one of our Fruitful Summer was a great success.  We, of course, had typical sibling rivalry, but it was nice to focus on love and was a great way to channel our energy for the week.  All three kiddos received their "badges".  The big kids especially are enjoying collecting their rewards at the end of the week.  To be honest, I'm enjoying giving them!

Last week we were on vacation; the week before that was our second week, the JOY week.  Getting JOY points was a little harder for the kiddos.  We awarded them points for not only doing things when asked, but for doing them joyfully.  It's amazing to me how often we just go through the motions and forget to focus on the joy of the Lord and all the blessings He has given us.  So, it was very refreshing to focus on doing things joyfully.

Here are the specifics for the JOY week:

Week 2-JOY
Definition: the emotion of great delight or happiness
Song: I’ve Got Joy (J-O-Y)
Verse: Don’t be sad because the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10
Chart: Earn Joy “Fruit” for 10 Displays of Joy (Charm Bracelet for M, Stone for C’s Rock Garden, Thumbprint for B’s Tree)

Snack: Orange

Even though it was a little more difficult, the kids got their points and their "badges" at the end of the week :)  They were pretty excited!

This week is our PEACE week.  This kids are earning points this week for doing things quietly or for doing things to "keep the peace", such as avoiding arguments or speaking nicely and calmly to each other.

Definition: a state of harmony between people or groups
Song: Peace Like a River
Verse: Those who love your teachings will find true peace.
Nothing can make them fall. Psalm 119:165
Chart: Earn Peace “Fruit” for 10 Displays of Peace (Charm Bracelet for M, Stone for C’s Rock Garden, Thumbprint for B’s Tree)
Snack: Pineapple

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