Thursday, February 10, 2011

Melia's 6th Birthday

Sweet Melia turned 6 on January 29th, 2011.  SIX YEARS OLD!!  What a big girl!!

There are so many things I could say about this amazing little girl's birthday, but I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. :)

Her school party on Friday (the day before her birthday):

Opening presents from Mommy, Daddy, and Camden on her birthday morning:

Breakfast of Champions on the way to watch cousin Isaac at his swim meet (he got 1st place in one of his events!!):

Melia's friend birthday party at the Flip Shop:

Then, we wrapped up the day with her family party at her favorite restaurant, Logan's Roadhouse:

We have been so blessed with this little girl in our family.  From the moment she was born, she transformed us from a couple to a family and our lives have never been the same.  As her mommy, I am so proud of the young woman that she is becoming.  She is sweet and sensitive and cares so much about others.  She loves Jesus, family, friends, reading, school, her teacher, being challenged, "girl time" with mommy, gymnastics, playing piano, music, watching movies (not scary ones, though!), playing with her brother, and writing.  She also told me "and I love to behave".  And that is true, she strives to be the best little girl that she can, even reciting the classroom rules if asked!  She is beginning to ask questions about Jesus living in her heart and understands things way beyond her years.  She also has an impeccable memory!

In some ways our sweet girl is still such a little girl and needs so much help and guidance and yet, in other ways, right before our very eyes, she has become a big girl: so independent and helpful.  She understands that in a family, everything we do affects others and that it's important to always be mindful of that.

She is such a healthy little girl, even with her picky eating habits!:)  It's hard to believe that we spent so much time at the beginning of her life driving back and forth to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City for her Developmental Dysplasia of the Hips.  She runs and plays like the other kids in her class and continues to have great check-ups every time we go.

Miss Melia is a bright light in our lives and we love her SO much!  Thank you, God, for our amazing little girl!

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  1. We are so blessed---LOVE this sweet child!!! Nana