Monday, February 21, 2011

Adopting a Waiting Child: The Pinkerton's Story

Our adoption story started with infertility that led to adopting our first two children, Emily and Isaac. They were both born in the US, and we were delighted after being married 14 years to finally have children. We looked like the typical American family; one boy and one girl. I really thought my quiver was full. But the

unspeakable happened when my beautiful son, Isaac, went home to eternity at the age of 17. We were devastated...and immediately turned to the Lord for comfort, hope, and meaning. Through prayer, tears, and godly fellowship, we began to think about adopting again. We weren't done, and taking care of orphans is close to God's heart. When we asked Emily how she felt about having more brothers, she burst into tears. She said to please don't talk about it if you're not going to do it!

She, too, wanted more brothers. Our search led us to Ethiopia, and we quickly fell in love with the beautiful faces we saw in the photos. We wanted a sibling group, so when we were shown the photos of twin 5 yr old boys, it took about a millisecond to say yes. But we couldn't shake the feeling that there was another child for us. We were so touched by the beautiful smile of a 10 yr old boy who lived with his grandmother. So we asked for him as well.

When we flew to Ethiopia ( on Father's Day, 2007 ), we were so excited. We knew our lives would change dramatically. The thing is, our lives had already been so dramatically changed that we weren't afraid of more change. We welcomed it. The minute we saw our boys, they were ours. I know we've had a remarkable adjustment because we haven't had a bad day with these boys. Sure, there were some language issues, but the joy of getting to know them has been a delight.

All three are so well-mannered, sweet, smart and kind. I literally wake up smiling because God has redeemed my life by giving me such purpose. Once you see these children, it widens your horizens, and gives you a perspective on life that's invaluable. They have enriched my life, and I'm receiving way more than I'm giving.

Robel and Jonas are now 10, and very energetic and interested in everything. They ask questions about the moon, the north pole, how to swim, and the latest NFL draft. Zerihun is 14, and quieter than his brothers. He makes us laugh with his insightful comments and he's a really good big brother. This boy went from living with his grandmother in a village in Ethiopia, to a little brother, and a big sister, parents and a dog. Mark took him back to visit his grandmother two years ago which was not only good for Zee, but also very encouraging to Zee's grandmother, and the whole village. They now know that these children who go to new families in the US are loved and thriving.

The last thing I want to share is that the need is so great. There are so many beautiful orphaned children who long for a family. They live in one room huts with dirt floors., or on the streets, if they're not fortunate enough to find a home in an orphanage. They don't care if they share a bedroom, or if the house is small. Its a matter of perspective! We were so touched by the older kids, the teenagers, who are too old to be adopted. We're trying to help a few of them, and we have a website describing the great workers there that we're partnering with, We have gone back several times, and every time I come home wishing I could bring more children home to live with us. If you feel like God is calling you to do this, don't be afraid, because He will enable you, and for all of eternity, you'll be grateful that you were obedient.

Mark and Tess Pinkerton

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