Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day!

We got a music-to-our ears type of call yesterday from the school letting us know that school was cancelled due to the snow.  I cleaned in the morning and then our house became Grand Central Station!  Our friend, Richard, came over to help Trev with Melia's loft bed {can't wait to do that post!!} and brought their son, Kyler.  Kyler, Camden, and Melia had a great time playing, eating pizza for lunch, and watching Monsters vs. Aliens.

Then, at 2:00, my sis came over and brought her three kiddos, my parents came to see all the kids, my sister's kids' social worker came over (along with a social worker in training), and Kyler's mama, Tiffany, came over.  At one point, there were 9 adults and 6 kids at our house!  What a fun day!

So, usually, I am a total baby when it comes to cold weather, but it was pretty nice and sunny outside, so we bundled the kids up (5 of them, anyway), and I went outside and played with them.

Somehow we ended up with two left boots for C!  It didn't slow him down any, though. :)

Melia's ready to go...she totally reminds me of that kid on The Christmas Story in this picture!

We went sledding...

made snow angels...

and just genuinely had fun!!

I'm ready for another! :)

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