Friday, April 16, 2010

Burned Face, Full Heart

Those of you that know me probably know how much I LOVE my job. It's really not about the money (honestly, it's education!), but it is just that I really feel like I am doing what God created me to do. Carl Junction Junior High is my mission field and counseling students is my mission. Beyond that, it is a job that combines my strengths and forgives my weaknesses. Sometimes I mess up in my job, but I always have the opportunity to take those mess-ups as learning experiences and strive to do better and better.

Although I truly love every day in my job (yes, even state testing days), some days are more rewarding than others and today was one of those days. I guess the funny thing about this is that Special Olympics really is not in my job description, but just one of those side things that I get the opportunity to help with a couple of times a year. I have gotten to help with SO Bowling in the Fall the last three years, but this was the first year that I wrapped up my test coordinator responsibilities in time to get to go to track and field.

Honestly, Special Olympics Track and Field was as amazing of an experience as I imagined. The kids were so excited to be there and they competed their little hearts out! The forecast was for rain last night into today, but one of our SO sponsors had E-mailed our entire staff to pray for sun...and sun there was (hence my "burned face").

My absolute favorite moment of the day was as follows:

One of my favorite little junior high girls (she is PRECIOUS!) was really nervous to run the 100 meter dash. Her parents, brother, nephew, teacher, teacher's aides, and myself were along the sidelines and finish lines to cheer her on, but, when they sounded the starter pistol, she froze. Really, I thought she was going to cry. But, one of the volunteers grabbed her hand and walked, then jogged with her to get her started (of course, by this time, the other athletes had already passed the finish line). Then, she gained her confidence, let go of the volunteer's hand, and ran the rest of the way to the end of the race. She got last place, but the ginormous smile on her face would not have given that away. She hugged all of us who were there to cheer her on and went to watch the "medal ceremony."

Thank you, Jesus, for my awesome job and for little miracles. May I take note of little victories every day!

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