Saturday, April 10, 2010

An "Oops" Moment

I have stooped to a new low! In my attempt to save a dollar, I had what my hubs lovingly referred to as an "oops" moment. First of all, in my defense, let me just say that Camden's hair grows like a bunch of little weeds on his head. That boy SERIOUSLY needs a haircut like every four weeks or less. So, I thought "How hard could it be?!" and took notes the last time we were at the beauty shop. (I bet you know where this is going!)

It started out just fine:

Easy Cheesy, right?

But then, it happened!

Daddy tried to fix it...

but, ultimately, it was Granny to the rescue!
So, tell I attempt it again or go for the long-standing 45 minute appointment every 4 weeks? After all, it is just ten bucks!


  1. I cut Jason's & Mason's hair. Don't give up! It just takes a little practice! And you said his hair grows really fast anyway! So your "oops" will be gone in no time!

  2. Maybe standing in the bathtub threw you off a little bit. Yeah, that's it, the bathtub did it.

    Grandpa Hickey used to say that there is only about 3 days between a good and a bad hair cut.


  3. Just do that what dad did, make aunt jan do it all the time!