Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meetcha Day

There is a term in the "Adoption World" called Gotcha Day.  This is the phrase that refers to the day that the adoptive parent finally has their child placed in his or her arms forever.  I love this term and from the very beginning of our journey, I longed for the day that would be our Gotcha Day.  However, it always seemed a little weird for me to call the day that we met Bek our Gotcha Day because, the truth is, in a two-trip process, our Gotcha Day wasn't until almost three months later.  Therefore, I call April 2nd our Meetcha Day.  This is the day that our precious little baby boy (who was just shy of his first birthday) was placed in our arms.

Poor baby was so scared and confused, but even through his crying, we knew...he was ours...forever.

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  1. Oh, do I remember that day in the rainbow room so well.....