Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Dragon Turns 19 Months Old

Once upon a time there was a dragon...

He was a very loved little dragon...

Two of the people in his life who loved him the most were his sister, the Princess...

and his brother, the Ninja.

They were very protective of him and were so happy because they had prayed for him to come home from a land far away.

Finally, he had been home for four months and was 19 months old and they were so proud of all the things he had accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Things like...
Saying tons of words, including many phrases like: Brush your teeth, Love You, Night Night Bubba, Bye-Bye Sissy, There you go and Thank you
Singing (his favorite: Your Backyard friends, the backyardigans)
RUNNING (no more taking his time to go anywhere)
Cutting teeth (eight total, four in the front and four molars)
Drinking from any sippy cup (no more bottle)
Using the big boy potty (sometimes)
Following multi-step instructions
Showing signs of secure attachment (initiating hugs and kisses, looking to mommy and daddy for comfort, making sure he always knows where mommy and daddy are)
Recognizing extended family members and calling them by name

It's hard to believe little dragon has been home for four months and even more difficult to believe that he's on the fast-track to turning two, but, boy, do we feel blessed.

We thank God for Little Dragon every day!

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