Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still Alive!

You remember that Aretha Franklin song "I Will Survive"?  Yes, it was LONG before my time, but it has been droning in my head for the entire month of September.

Now, don't get me wrong...we have had a TON of fun this last month, but I largely underestimated the difficulty of the transition back to work and to our overly busy lives.  Getting five people up and out the door before 7:30 each morning, delivering each kid to their respective classrooms {and meeting the no-tear goal}, being gone all day at school, getting home in time to leave again for swim or dance lessons, fitting in dinner, getting three kids bathed, getting homework {and housework} done, making lunch for the next day, setting out the next day's clothes, and getting the kids to bed has left me pretty exhausted every day.  However, I am so grateful and my heart is so full.  The first two weeks left me in tears pretty much every day, but we have hit a stride these last couple of weeks and friends, I think we're going to survive!

We have really tried to do some fun things as a family on the weekends and, looking back over the pictures, I think we've succeeded. :)  So, to make up for all the weeks with no blog posts or pictures, here is a look back at September with the Chases...

Labor Day Weekend Camping

The big kids with friends and cousins

Granny and Bek

Melia's second attempt at skiing...

School Time

Cam's sweet teacher sent me this picture...all she wanted to do was teach him a simple word!

A Visit from Friends

Bek and his buddy, Levi 

So thankful for my friend, Sarah Habuda

Saturday Soccer Game with Daddy

Our Trip to St. Louis

So delicious!!

Reunited buddies...Yoseph and Bek

Can't fit much more cuteness in one picture!

The whole gang...the Krammels, the Stricklands, us, and the Gourleys

Our first glimpse at the Arch...

Scavenger hunt at the arch museum {each kid received a "Junior Ranger" badge for completion}

A Bad Ouchie

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