Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today,

this precious baby boy
entered an orphanage.

Five months later,

his mommy and daddy and sister and brother
saw his face for the first time.

Five months after that,

his mommy and daddy held him
for the first time.

And, today

we celebrate our sweet little guy.

Because, although being in an orphanage for a year of your life is not an ideal situation in anyone's book, God is paving our way to our little guy.

We are thankful that next year on June 6th, we will be celebrating our son in our home, with his forever family who loves him SO MUCH!


  1. longing for the day he is HOME! love the pictures and watching his personality come to life!

  2. Thinking about you. I know the waiting is really hard, I pray you lean on the Lord through this time.