Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adoption News and Pictures of Bek

This week, two things happened with our adoption:

1.  Our in-country staff received our new adoption decree from the judge.
2.  We had our home study update visit.

Both of these are good things...steps in the right direction.  We still have a LOOONG ways to go, though it is impossible to pinpoint exactly how much longer it will be.  The decree still has to be translated and Bek's birth certificate, passport, and visa medical exam all have to be done before we can even be submitted to embassy.  Once we are submitted to embassy, one of two things could happen: either they will request a birth parent interview {which has typically been taking 2 weeks} and then give us approval to come back for our visa interview OR they could reject our case and send it to Nairobi, Kenya {to the office of the USCIS}, which would delay our case for around 3-4 weeks after our rejection.

This could all take anywhere from 5 weeks to 4 months {or longer...blah!}. 

If you are praying for us, please pray specifically that the decree will be translated quickly and that the processing of the birth certificate, passport, and visa medical exam go smoothly {no spelling errors}.  Our agency submits cases to the Embassy on Thursdays, so the earliest this could possibly happen would be May 31st.  If you'd like to pray BOLDLY, that would be a great date to keep in your prayers!!

Now for some fun!  I have been posting a picture a day of Bek on Facebook ever since we found out that he was officially ours.  So far, these are all pictures that we took on our trip in early April.  I just realized that I should post those here, too!  So, without further ado...our darling African son:

Thank you for supporting us and loving us well...your prayers and encouragement {along with a big, heaping dose of God's grace} are making this wait bearable, even on those unbearable days!;)

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