Friday, June 24, 2011

Half a Year

months and one day ago, we were placed on the waiting list to adopt a child {or two children} from Ethiopia.  Although the journey has been much longer than that {6 months waiting to be able to apply to adopt from Taiwan and 5 months of paperwork before being placed on the wait list} it is difficult to believe we have been an official waiting family for over half a year!

I was struggling with it a little the last couple of days and had an opportunity to talk to my friend, Emily {who God placed in my life at exactly the right time}.  We discussed how this little pattern we are in of two weeks with no referrals and then two referrals in one day has been sending us into mini-tailspins of highs and lows and that we were ready for another high.

Well, today was the high...2 referrals were given today, putting Team Chase at number...

Woohoo!!  We are getting so close!  As far as we can tell, we are at number 7 for siblings {not super likely as there have been very few siblings referred in a LONG time} and number 9 for one child.  We know that at least two of the eight above us are girls only, so we are at least number 7 for a boy.  So, technically, we are in the single digits!  This is beyond exciting!

It is so awesome to see how God is working this whole thing out.  This morning I was just crying out to Him saying "Lord, you know the desires of my heart.  I am longing to see my little one's face, but I know it's not time yet.  I sure would love to see some referrals today."  And, BAM, He just went and did it!

So thankful.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to know that with each lower number, God has placed another child in a warm, loving Christian family and that your child is that much closer. All of those new families created thanks to God's will - I love it! Lori Divine

  2. Thought about you tonight on our way home from Highest Praise Concert and how yesterday was 6 months. Your time is coming---soon!!!! Love ya guys.

  3. Oh my goodness, 15?? That's soooo close!!! Congratulations on 6 months!