Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Auction!

No, we are not having another auction {yet! wink, wink!}.  BUT, our amazing friends, the Jetts, are! 

Tiffany and Richard adopted Kyler from The Home of God's Love (Taiwan) in 2005.  He and Camden are such good little buddies and totally dominate the soccer field! 

Kyler Jett, Gavin Cowger, and Camden

OK, maybe dominate is a strong word for what they do on the field, but, man, they are CUTE!! :)

Anyway, Tiff and Richard are in the process of adopting baby #2, a little girl from THOGL.  {Eee!!  Can't wait til they get her so we can spoil her!}  We are really bringing diversity to our little town! ;)

So, they are doing some fundraising and Tiff decided to do an adoption auction.  It starts tonight at midnight and runs through the 11th.  Click the cute little "Jet" below to check it out and start the bidding!

The Jetts Adoption Auction

I donated several items to the auction including these:

Plus, she has a ton more items!  I simply love this type of fundraiser because there is something for everyone {including me!!}.

Will you join me in praying for the success of their auction and join me in purchasing items to help bring their daughter home?!


P.S. Not sure how this happened, (either someone dropped off the ET waiting list or I miscalculated), but we received an E-mail from Ashley, our adoption consultant, and she said that we are now number...

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